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The Michael Lobrovich Foundation

If you knew Mike, you were keenly aware of what a fiercely loyal friend and great guy he was.  His dedication to the well-being of his family and friends, helping others and his love for the sport of fishing were just a few of the most driving forces in his short life.

For those of you who grew accustomed to his calls and texting just to check in to see how you were doing, you understand the level of compassion and genuine interest he had in each one of your lives. Our family can assure you that his interest was genuine and heartfelt for each of you.

In honor of Mike’s life, we have started the Michael Lobrovich Foundation, which will be used only for the causes we know he would have wanted us to support.

Two programs we have initially chosen to contribute to are The C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation that enriches the lives of children with special needs through the sport of fishing. We will also be providing funding for the support of local animal shelters.

Rest assured that we know what Mike supported while he was with us and we will continue to pursue his interests through this foundation.  

On behalf of our family, we sincerely thank each of you for being a part of Mike’s life.  We will do our very best to keep his dynamic and loving spirit moving forward by helping others in his name with your help.


Steve, Kathleen and John Lobrovich

You can contact Steve at